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    “A job worth doing, is worth doing well”
    An ounce of action is worth more than a ton of theory, and the reward for a thing well done is having done it.

Recommended Alternative News Sources

Here is a list of all the alternative, independent news sources that we recommend, sorted into various categories. Are there any others you think should be added to this list? If so, please post links to them in the comments below.NOTE: These lists are ordered by transformative potential and Source: Recommended Alternative News Sources…


Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Aug 13, 2017. | Real Liberty Media

BTWRLM227 Behind The Woodshed 4th year Anniversary at Real Liberty Media At the Situationally Aware Action Oriented Intelligence Center Of Evolutionary Engagement The Victory Against You in the Sil…

Source: Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Aug 13, 2017. | Real Liberty Media

The black and white in your eyes, Hal Anthony Delivering the “Notice in the News” every Sunday from Behind The Woodshed 3PM ET Noon O’clock Pacific.Continue to post

Alt News Sources

Alternative News
Collective Evolution
Collectively Conscious
The Daily Haze
The Daily Sheeple
Drudge Report
Freedom Network
The Free Thought Project
Global Research
Homepage News Feed
Information ClearingHouse
Mint Press News
National Security News
News Target
SGT Report
The Sleuth Journal
True Activist
Truth Theory
WhatReallyHappenedContinue to post

  • Famous Quotes In History

    “Warburg’s revolutionary plan to get American Society to go to work for Wall Street was astonishingly simple. Even today,…academic theoreticians cover their blackboards with meaningless equations, and the general public struggles in bewildered confusion with inflation and the coming credit collapse, while the quite simple explanation of the problem goes undiscussed and almost entirely uncomprehended. The Federal Reserve System is a legal private monopoly of the money supply operated for the benefit of the few under the guise of protecting and promoting the public interest.–”
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    What's New
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    Featured Article
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